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Charter Cable TV Spots


When budgets don’t allow for live-action footage, clients come to us for animated, graphic-only spots that catch the viewers eye as much as the live action would. The trick is to combine individuals with strong motion graphics skills with individuals with strong storyboarding skills (rarely do both skills exist in one individual). These spots were so successful at achieving this goal that Charter continued to come to us for more and more.

Martha Stewart Living Direct Mail


Sometimes our job is to work within strict, esthetic guidelines while stretching the boundaries to create something that visually grabs people and gets results. Here’s a good example of that delicate balancing act:

To supplement the marketing tactics for her line of books, the folks at Martha Stewart Living approached us to write, design and execute direct mail campaigns. It was both a thrill and a challenge working with such a high-profile client. Their attention to brand consistency forced us to design within very strict graphical rules. Dircks was the only team to balance performance with aesthetic to create winning direct mail and print advertising for 4 years.

Helping Get America Online


How do you get a company from 5 million subscribers to 25  million subscribers? You flood the world with FREE Trial CDs and you test, test, test! That’s exactly what we did for America Online. For over ten years, Dircks was AOL’s leading creative agency, creating high response rates not only in the thousands of direct mail packages we created, but also in other medias including advertising, in-store, outdoor billboard, interactive, multi-media and co-marketed promotions.

The key to our success? The incessant desire to beat our own creatives time and time again. That means constantly analyzing test data and trend data and dipping it do a deep well of creative ideas and capabilities.