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A Blast From the Past. Literally!

April 10th, 2015



I got an email today — dated May 2006. And it was from myself.

After reading the email, I remembered: nine years ago, a friend and I made a bet I had completely forgotten about until this morning:  “by 2015, what would the ‘convergent device’  look like? Would it be  A.) A small day-runner sized device that has Internet phone and computing abilities?  Or  B.) More of a uber-blackberry device that takes the phone, mobile mail, computing programs, MPS, and digital camera rolled into a slightly-larger than a palm?”

So we had this bet — but who could remind us nine years in the future  to settle the bet and collect the winnings?


Yes — we found an unbelievably cool (and free) site out there that will send email to your future self on any specific date up to 50 years from now. People use it to ponder if their future selves will reach their goals, remind themselves to pay taxes, encourage themselves with advice as they get older, and see if their predictions come true (like me and my friend). Go to the site and read some of the letters — they’re awesome. Here’s a sample:

Dear FutureMe,
So man, how’s it going. You probably wouldn’t like me now because I’m so much younger than you but anyways i wanted to say CONGRATS on making it through highschool. Are you still with Chelsea?? You shouldn’t ever let her go. L8ter sk8ter
>> sent 2 years into the future, to May 7th, 2007

Re: Graduation!
Dear PastMe,
You are right, I wouldn’t like you much. Chelsea is a total bitch. GET OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Hey just so you know, Kirstie Zook has a crush on you. I know, crazy. She becomes a gorgeous young woman and yes, you two do fall in love. Later.
>> response from June 6th, 2007, sent 2 years into the past, to April 18th, 2005

 And send one yourself. There is a strange, but very satisfying feeling in being surprised by an email blast from the past.

(P.S. So who do you think won the bet about the convergent device? There’s a dollar riding on it.)

QR Codes make cool secret messages.

December 9th, 2011


DIRCKS - Purveyor of Fine QR Codes

We love the idea of using a smartphone to decode a secret message (much cooler than the red cellophane you used to get in a cereal box). Come on – aren’t you dying to know what this one says? (Oh, and we made this into a T-shirt, too – so you can delight and offend friends and strangers on the subway. Buy it here!)