The first in a series of mini-documentaries, The Artist Brief is meant to give a glimpse into the life of todays working artists – including painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, and more. We are currently producing these featurettes funded by our love of the subject matter, but hope to catch the interest of a TV station looking for a small featurette to fill air time.

We filmed this particular segment on a stunningly perfect autumn day. The location was an estate in Nissequogue Long Island overlooking Stony Brook Harbor. Both the setting and the autumn light and colors helped in capturing the sheer beauty of what it can be like to be a plein-air artist. The subject, Long Island artist Doug Reina, allowed us to film him working on a painting from start to finish. As is usually the case, there was so much amazing footage that was “left on the editing floor”.

The entire piece was filmed in one day using a Canon 7D with mostly natural light. It rained for the following three or four days following the shoot which put an end to the foliage. Seems we caught our window of opportunity big time. A second segment is currently in the works.